Our Story

PB&J Your Way is a family owned business with a concept that our family has talked about for years. We wanted to provide a new and fresh choice for children and families of all ages in high traffic locations like the mall food court. With new twists on nostalgic sandwiches and tomato soups we hoped to create a menu that everyone could find something to enjoy. Our father decided to "go for it" in early 2015. He came to all four of us children and asked if we "wanted in". We all said YES. So finally, an established company in September of 2015 PB&J Your Way was born. We opened for business in June of 2016 at our first location in the food court at Quail Springs Mall.

We are dedicated to serving the highest quality sandwiches, soups, and fresh sides for all of our customers to enjoy. We also wanted to create a fun and happy environment for our employees and customers to enjoy coming back to often. Everything is made with all natural, fresh ingredients and the sandwiches are built exactly the way you want them. Not only do we offer unique and custom PB&J creations for kids and people of all ages, but gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and great soups developed and built for mom and dad!

This business is something we want to see grow, thrive, and expand to serve families everywhere just like they are our own family.

We are creating systems for quality, speed, consistency, and cleanliness that we can easily duplicate for future corporate and franchise locations in strategic locations around the USA.

Our simple goal is to make the perfect sandwiches served with a smile "YOUR Way" every day.